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Core Research Foundation is one of the fastest emerging research platform for academicians, researchers and Scientists. CRF creates, connects and associates throughout global Institutions and research houses to provide knowledge scalability and research advancements with the help of different academic activities.

CRF is a forum which encourages innovation, research & development through mutual association and through our services which involves, Research Support, Publication Support, educational events, Mentor support and many more. We are forum of committed professional including Academicians, Scholars and Industry professionals working to support Advancement in technology.

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World Conference on Learning and Education Research (WCLER), aim to set a collaborative goal for finding of new dimensions in research field, WCLER is bound to serve as a platform that facilitates the deliberation of the challenges involved in the practical implementation of all the most advanced knowledge produced in the fields of Education and Learning. The progressive development round the globe has created an urge for awareness to latest trends and knowledge and also advancements in these fields are occurring, has made it challenge for all professionals such as Academicians, Students, Aspiring Researchers and Industrial Professionals to keep up with these changes. This convention is being organized with the intention of getting participants acclimatized to dealing with these developments.

This conference is highly anticipated by researchers around the globe to be organised at Singapore event look forward to bringing all Specialists, Academicians, Practitioners, Industry Experts and Students from the fields of Education and learning from around the world and explore the results of modern experimental research studies in these disciplines for their benefit.

The conference will take place from 19th -20th June, 2023, Singapore will help all researchers to present their findings to the esteemed members of the global scientific community, irrespective of the specific field of Education and Learning. WCLER will not only help them earn the requisite exposure they need for recognition for their research work in global research circles, but also open the door for new opportunities for collaboration and further research.